“Seconds” A review of an awesome graphic novel

Graphic novels in themselves can tend to be a bit shortsighted and focus only on telling a funny story. They might be funny and happy spirited but often are simple at their base in meaning.

“Seconds” A graphic novel written by Bryan Lee O’Malley with his drawing assistant Jason Fischer has got to be noted as a bench mark for story telling. They broke barriers and introduced a darker side to imagery (always keeping a funny undertone though.)

I started reading this book at 10PM after coming home from a long work shift and I finished reading the novel by midnight. It was downright frightening how quickly I gobbled this thing up.

seconds-262seconds-bryan-lee-omalleyTo sum (without spoilers) Seconds is a story about a chef called Katie and her abundance of mistakes. Throughout the tale we see her refusing to cope with the monsters she’s creating by trying to fix her wrongdoings.

The art style in itself is very comical and simple, yet the colours tend to convey a different message. The vibrant and twisted vibe that the house spirit Lis is drawn with improves the whole story. As the theme becomes darker and events unravel, the writing in itself becomes more captivating.

To read this story, to eat up the drawings and to devour the meaning is to be subject to understanding the irony and darker side of human nature. In a funny way, no less.

The haunting imagery and darker backgrounds emphasize the rushed and harsher side of Katie’s life. It’s pretty, captivating and downright spooky.

All in all, I very much would read again. If you are debating on whether or not to buy this book, do yourself a favor and give in. If you are an illustrator looking for inspiration on your own graphic novel, it is most certainly a necessity that you give this book a look.

Books help us cope with our life by adding a distraction, give in and consume.



Disclaimer: All images and rights remain to the Authors of “Seconds” by Brian Lee O’Malley

3 thoughts on ““Seconds” A review of an awesome graphic novel

  1. My favorite graphic novel ever! 😀


    1. It is honestly the best, my awesome cousin lent it to me! (You.) (You’re the awesome cousin.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yay! I’m the awesome cousin! 😀 Hahah


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