The Inner Motivation of the Creative


“All I do is create, and that’s all I ever want to do.”

If you look at where I’m currently at now: I am a content creator. A very poor one, but a content creator no less. I create and post drawings for my art following on Instagram, I make videos for Youtube; talking beauty and art. As well as here where I’m upholding a blog (haha, hopefully.)

I need that output. I need somewhere to voice my opinions, share my thoughts, say things and do things that have an audience. It’s something from within. The fear and anxiety of the whole situation doesn’t get to me, it’s too important to have an output.

I need feedback too. I need my best friend to let me know what works and what doesn’t, what I should change and how I should change it, I need people to give me constructive criticism. Not just praise.

Though, the praise is a nice bonus.

The value of criticism has fallen through time. We’re taught that “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” and although that is true when it comes to school yard bullies, letting me know that my lighting isn’t appealing to my audience or that my style could be improved with better proportions- isn’t mean. It’s voicing your opinion, and as long as it isn’t rude- I’d appreciate it very much.

Mix of traditional and digital art.

Currently, I’m trying to post everyday on my Instagram, once a week on my blog and once in a while on my Youtube. Now for sure, I fall behind quite often and nothing is ever perfect. But this is where I want to be.

I want to be making things.

Creating drawings for people. Making videos that make others smile, because that makes me happy. When I make anything, I feel productive, I feel useful, I feel worthy of living. And it’s sick, but it’s also good. Because this drive in me is more powerful than any motivation ever.

I couldn’t read 10 pages of my Sociology textbook even though I know there’s a test tomorrow on it, but writing a 500 word draft of next week’s post is a totally plausible thing. No challenge at all.

Because it’s fun, and I’m motivated.

I know I’m all over the place but the point is: Making content is what makes me happy. People enjoying my work makes my day so much brighter.

And that works for me. It’s brilliant. But you need to find what works for you. When people say “do what makes you happy” what they really mean is “do whatever you would be doing, if this wasn’t in the way of it.” (I’m not saying ya’ll should quit your jobs to stay in bed and watch movies all day… but if you find a way to make a profit out of it… why not?)


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