Falling back Down  

I’d like to be positive and sing happy thoughts all the time but that’s just not the reality of things. And to be Fair, a lot of people say that.

These past recent weeks I’ve been trying really hard to take care of myself. And by “myself” I mean healing my mental health, regulating my habits and forming positive bonds.

And tonight after some conversation, I fell back down. I had another panic attack and I felt like I couldn’t control my own body. I couldn’t tell what was real, I was having difficulty breathing and I honestly, just wanted to stop crying.

But it’s okay. Sure it doesn’t feel that way and I’m not entirely convinced on it. But it

will be A-okay. It has to, right?

I can heal and I will heal.

I’m going to be, just fine.

2 thoughts on “Falling back Down  

  1. Hang in there! We all have stress or panic attacks, you are not alone. Try and figure out what triggered the panic attack and eliminate it out of your life. They say art is therapy, maybe make a drawing of how you were feeling, so you take the panic out of your mind and put it on paper and then shred the paper — and say to yourself, THAT panic was dealt with! BAck to being HAPPY!

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    1. You’re brilliant! I feel much better this morning.

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