Drawing Outside?


I was feeling quite off today. Out of ten on the mood scale I was a solid 3. I couldn’t get out of bed for the life of me. It took me half an hour to make a cup of coffee and I couldn’t find the appetite to feed myself.

After calling in sick to work, I decided it was time to take control. I promptly sat up high in my bed and grabbed whatever markers I could grasp. I got dressed and I forced myself down the steps of my house. I marched outside with very little motivation. I happened upon an empty barrel, sat on it and began drawing.

It helped me cope with the fact that I was too unmotivated to work or function. Drawing helped me focus on what was happening around me and being outside was healing.

Sometimes it’s important to not lose focus on feeling better within, before giving out energy to others. It’s okay to take two steps back if you’re moving three steps forwards.


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3 thoughts on “Drawing Outside?

  1. So glad you forced yourself outside. That is a beautiful Fall picture!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been trying to be more positive:)

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      1. Well, it is working! Loved your art.

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