St Jean Port Joli – Travels

Okay, so I’m not a travel blog I swear.

But I wanted to write a little something about the amazing 3 day vacation me and my family took on the 3rd of November. It was freezing and yet the view made up for my hands getting mild frost bite.

DSCF0032The view from our Chalet room

On the first day when we arrived we drove around the area a bit to get an understanding of our location and then went to rest quickly enough. (Only after playing some tricky board games and card games as a family.)

Upon the second day, we went “fishing” because my little brother has it in his head that he wants to be a fisherman. We (obviously) caught nothing. But, the tiny walk was fun nonetheless.

And lastly, on the third day we went back to the river and I took more pictures from a distance.

On each day we had a nice hearty breakfast as a family and ate seafood (which was AMAZING.)

Regretfully, I did not have time to draw. However, I firmly believe that the calmness and peacefulness of the whole trip made up for taking a tiny art break.

Fishing journey


My little brother Ft: Ruby
 Camp fire night!
Saint Lawrence River


The North shore in the background

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Have a nice day 😀 Be sure to leave me a comment about your recent travels!

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