Hermione Granger Portrait

HermioneHello Everybody!

I recently had a bit of time today (after an appointment with a therapist) and decided to do some drawing.

Harry Potter was a series of movies and books that totally and utterly captivated me. My cousins introduced me to the movies at a young age.

Babysitting = Watching The Order of The Pheonix with popcorn.

And throughout my teenage years I was enticed by the books.

English class = Crying about Sirius Black.

I am now all grown up and these stories really shaped me as a person. I think it shaped a lot of kids. Harry Potter isn’t just stories of boy with magic, it’s a generation of people vowing loyalty, kindness and friendship over even life itself.

And so, I decided to draw a little Hermione Granger portrait. She was a badass chick who did whatever she wanted- and not only because she wanted to- but because she was the most qualified person to do it.

She saved the world and for once wasn’t a girl in a trio with two boys who gets used to hide a bad narrative with a love triangle (COUGH Twilight COUGH.)

Everyone could use a little bit of Hermione in them.

And even though I’m not watching movies as a child or reading a book in a high school English class. I’m simply going through life carrying the amazing stories from within.

However, funnily enough, I’m still crying.

– – –

I wish you all a wonderful end of the week! Stay awesome you lovely people.

The design is up on society 6 if anyone wants a pillow with Hermione Granger on it (because why not.)

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