Stationary HAUL + Review

Hello Lovelies!

So, before Christmas I ordered an amount of stuff from Kawai Express. I ordered some sticky notes, book marks, a sketchbook and a couple of other things. So I thought of making a post about my thoughts on the order! (+Haul images)

I gotta say though, one thing that bothered me profusely (and it’s kind of arbitrary) is that all the order arrived in SEPERATE packages. Shipping was free so that’s fine but the fact that I didn’t receive anything at the same time was bothersome and that’s not even talking about the amount of unnecessary waste is created.



This small cat haul in my order was for a Christmas present for my best friend who loves cats.

The bookmark did feel a little bit cheap (felt like cardboard/paper) but the sticky notes and cat paws (tiny post it’s for school) were extremely cute and stuck well.



The thing I was most excited for was the cactus sticky notes. It’s the reason I ended up making an order to Kawai Express.

I like cacti, okay.

They stick fine, not fantastically, but it’s okay. The image on the sticky note was somewhat blurry which kinda sucked but it’s fine. (+ the drawing is dark so when you write on it it’s not clear.)

Side note: this was the disappointing part of the order.



Personally, I thought I would prefer the cactus sticky notes but actually the Galaxy one’s are clearer (when you write notes on them) and stick better. I should have bought two of them.



The sketchbook was MAJORLY smaller than I expected (though, I might not have actually read the item’s description…) It’s still cute, and my markers work well on the paper so I’m actually very happy.

I hope you enjoyed this small artsy haul! (Sorry for all the pokemon, I tried to make the pictures cute.)

I did enjoy receiving all of these and it was all VERY inexpensive. So I do recommend! The lose is small and the gain is generally good! is where I got these items! Happy binge shopping!

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2 thoughts on “Stationary HAUL + Review

  1. Omg I’m in love with the cat paws post its they’re the cutest!

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